Furin Cleavage Bioinformatics

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Furin cleavge site motif:

1.Comprised of about 20 residues, P14--P6'. It is divided into two parts:

1) one core region (8 amino acids, positions P6--P2') packed inside the furin binding pocket. The physical properties of the core region contribute to the binding strength of the furin substrate

2) two polar regions (8 amino acids, positions P7--P14'; and 4 amino acids, positions P3'--P6') located outside the furin binding pocket. The physical properties of two polar regions provide a solvent accessible environment and facilitate the accessibility of the core region to the furin binding pocket.

3) physical properties of viral substrates are fine tuned to balance furin cleavage efficacy and viral infectivity.

2. List of all correlation coefficient R > 0.65 in region P14--P6' The full list of physical properties used in this study can be retrived from AAindex Database